Michaela Bartos

Location: Chicago, IL
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Languages: English, Spanish and Conversational French

Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 140
Bust: 36
Waist: 28
Hips: 36
Shirt Size: M
Pant Size: 4

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Educational Level: Bachelors Degree in Biology 


Marketing Specialist and Brand Ambassador at Trade Shows and Promotional Events, nationwide: 2005-present
-Facilitated sales and marketing endeavors at special venues to increase brand awareness (Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Revolution Tea, Don Miguel, Doctor Blights and many others)
-Executed in-store customer and sales support to maximize sales (Cuisinart)
-Executed marketing efforts by means of lead generation and delivery of key product details at auto shows (Nissan/Infinifi, Toyota/Lexus, Chrysler,Volvo)


Promotional Marketing Event Manager and Consultant, nationwide: 2005-present
-Managed special promotional venues (Key Lime Cove Resort, Citibank, Nexxus, Sierra Mist)
-Advised on effective trade show execution (SurgiMark, Government of Quebec)
-Assisted in coordination of CME events (Vindico Medical Education, Merc)
-Assisted in execution and coordination of promotional efforts at various pharmaceutical conventions ( Fresenius Biotech, Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis)