PPG models, 2016 IMTS, Kitamura Machinery

PPG models April, Aileen, and Lindsey at 2016 IMTS in Chicago


Sondra – The ladies (April, Aileen and Lindsey) were awesome and I would definitely highly recommend any of them for future business.

They were very easy to work with and seemed like they had a lot of experience as far as trade shows go, and I appreciated that.  Thank you also for working hard to find replacements for me when the other hostesses were no longer available to work our booth.  I know there was a lot of scrambling and in the end, all turned out great!

We only do the show every two years and I look forward to working with you all again in 2018.  Please check in with me as a reminder.

If you need anything else from me, please let me know.  Thanks again for the great talent supplied to help in our booth.

Best Regards,


Cari Vanik

Marketing Manager