About CEO Sondra Irwin

Why Fortune 500 Companies Keep Coming Back

Why do Fortune 500 companies and others continue to contact Sondra Irwin, the CEO of PPG?

Is it because PPG is also represented by your models?

Is it your follow-up and follow through?

Is it your commitment to your business and your ideals?

Is it your solid business understanding?

Is it because you have developed a reputable business in the U.S. and internationally?

Is it your understanding of marketing that is also built into your talents’ performance?

Is it because you worked as a trade show model for 15 years prior to starting your own trade show modeling business?

Is it because of your reputation after 23 years in the trade show model and talent business?

Sondra says, “I believe it’s my energy and my understanding of what the client is looking for. I understand what the client is looking for on the trade show floor and I was the best at engaging the attendees, so I use that when speaking to clients about their needs.

“It’s all about the personality, making the client feel comfortable that we understand, getting back to the client very promptly, and an upbeat personality when the client calls for a request; my commitment to the client’s satisfaction, being well-spoken and an expert troubleshooter when I worked the tradeshows for clients—going out of my way to help at the shows.

“It all started out very simply; just as a model and actress myself with a very outgoing personality. I was booked doing live events; I was requested over and over and couldn’t be everywhere. I had a lot of clients and it just started to grow. Then I decided to be on the other side and book the talent instead.

“Experience on both sides lends itself to you being the expert and knowing what your corporate clients want.”

Sondra Irwin
President & CEO
PPG Model & Talent Group
U.S. and International

Sondra Irwin, PPG Model and Talent agency, CEO

For 23 years Sondra Irwin has improved the results for trade shows and events throughout the U.S. and internationally.