Lead Generators

The best crowd gatherers and lead generators are so smooth and professional that they make visitors feel as though they have known them all their lives and quickly and efficiently build that bond of trust that enables and encourages the sale.

Lead Generators Increase the Value of Leads

Professional lead generators today can help an exhibitor spend more time with actual buyers by connecting with people and asking the right questions in the right order. From this gathered information, the lead generator can then determine who to welcome and who would otherwise waste the exhibitor’s time and energy.

Once the visitors have become engaged and move from the aisle to the booth, the lead generator can help visitors complete lead cards, record visitor information (like swiping attendees’ badges to electronically record information), carry out prize drawings after a presentation, herd the booth visitors from their booth area to elsewhere in the exhibit, and then restore the space for the next presentation.

Make sure your next promotional event is generating quality leads, saving your company the valuable time and money it has invested in promotion.

promo model valerie ojeda
Valerie Ojeda

Los Angeles, CA

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Sherry Bagang

Las Vegas, NV

Shana Albers

Orlando, FL , Lead Generator, Brand Ambassador, Host, Trade Show Model

Ruvi Bazaz

Los Angeles, CA

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Meredith Brister

Houston, TX

Maria Terentyeva

Boston, MA