Product Specialists

Product specialists specialize in the important element of direct, honest communication that ensures your visitors leave with a memorable impression of your company brand. The best demonstrators make visitors feel welcome and appreciated.

Product Specialists Boost Sales

Professional product demonstrators are expert, hands-on, confident displayers of your latest products, services, methods, and more, having the ability and skill to quickly learn and communicate the information you provide them with. They will read, study, and immerse themselves in your product or service until they are as adept as your sales team at demonstrating it.

Product specialists and demonstrators are trained to quickly adapt to your product and to interact with the audience, which can increase the amount of qualified leads for your company. Years of experience make a professional demonstrator totally comfortable handling your product while also delivering your vital core messages.

The PPG Difference

PPG demonstrators have extensive experience with products of all kinds. Some products and events we’ve worked with include:

  • Blackberry Demo
  • Daytona 200- Marlboro
  • PNC Bank Promotion
  • Cadillac/Ford Motor Company

Product specialists are often the first introduction of your product to the general public, so making a great first impression is crucial. Generate excitement for your new product by hiring a Preferred Promotional Group professional product demonstrator for your next event.

Zori Elle

Las Vegas, NV

Victoria Brito

Orlando, FL

product specialist veronica parks
Veronica Parks

Los Angeles, CA

Valerie Myers

San Francisco, CA

PPG Model - Tiffany Moore
Tiffany Moore

Detroit, MI

Thais Vieira

Boston, MA