I would estimate that I gathered about 90% of their total show leads at AWS. I also brought in some high-level decision-makers at big name companies who thanked me for stopping them, expressing that they wouldn’t have paused to learn about it otherwise.

What Gravitant has is truly an innovative, highly-valuable software that is ahead of the game for IT solutions on the cloud-not many people have heard of their model. The catch is, it really only makes sense for big companies with big IT budgets, and the people who make decisions at companies like these are usually the most difficult to get to talk to you.

Gravitant continues to hire me because I get people like these into the booth in a good mood (half of the battle) and can also deliver an effective elevator pitch to get them interested before passing them off for a demo.

I absolutely bring in a respectable amount of leads, but, most importantly, I consistently bring them a handful of truly hot leads that have the potential to turn into loyal clients and lifelong partnerships.

I recognize that my time at the show with Gravitant (as with any company) can translate into business for them that spans far beyond our time on the convention floor.