Engage Your Audience

Remember the rule about making a good first impression? First impressions last the longest, too.

A positive brand association is more easily generated through direct face-to-face marketing than through traditional means of advertising (print, radio, television) because of the profound impact direct contact has.

Trade shows are all about being a part of the experience and promoting the message. There is a perception interconnected to the message.

Not everyone is cut out to work a trade show

For example, if a popular entertainment theme is planned for an event and requires people to look like recognizable characters (such as Thor, Avatar, “The Thinker” statue, a Caveman, Elvis, etc.), there may not be an athletic or charismatic company employee that will look or perform as hoped and expected to optimize the effect. It’s all done in good humor, of course, but many employees get intimidated or embarrassed to be in some themes. Professional actors thrive on it, and are good at it!

Some trade shows and conferences (and attendees) are very serious, and need to be engaged by people reflecting similar speaking, body language, and appearance. Company personnel may be extremely knowledgeable about their company’s products and services but have a limited talent for making friends fast and easily, or may expend too much time trying too hard to sell to less-qualified attendees. But time is limited, and there is a perception to exude as well as a message to convey.

Perception of a company, brand, product, or service, is often more profoundly affected by a live person-to-person experience. Professional trade show models can be trained to answer questions and provide customer feedback regarding products, services and brand appeal. They can as intrigue-building questions and introduce attendees to people that will further the experience, and help separate the lookers from the more qualified leads, and gather information and hand out literature at the end of the conversation.

Make the most of your image

The vocal and visual message of an exhibit needs to fit the audience’s expectation and appeal to their sense of belonging. “Booth babes” have limited appeal today because the effect on sales at events is counterproductive, especially to women, the growing number of attendees. Why?

Being attractive and personable far outshines being seductive in today’s trade shows for serious exhibitors and attendees. People are mostly interested in what products and services can do for them. They want reasons and examples of how they can increase profits, gain market share, and improve productivity.

Offering your customers demonstrations of your product, its features, and how it works, a pretty face and pleasant personality will pass the visitors’ attention to the product leaving a positive impression.

Outgoing staff create positive brand interactions and increase brand awareness while stealing market share from your competition.