Trade show model and presenter explaining technical equipment

Fulfilling the needs at ACC.16

Consider the long-term impact of generating clients, sustaining relationships, and negotiating face-to-face. Asking the right questions in the right sequence, professional booth staffs are well spoken and highly experienced with medical trades hows and move the conversations along through the sales process with the professionalism and intelligence to maintain and elevate the integrity of any brand.

Two professionally dressed exhibit booth models

Trade Show Models: The Essential Assets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Event exhibitors are almost always looking for that something extra for their booths. Some have found that the so called “Booth Babes” have not really helped land new accounts or leads. People don’t usually spend their company’s expense account on being photographed with pretty ladies. Where’s the return on that investment? Executives have no reason to engage someone that doesn’t add value to their time or offer solutions to benefit their company.