Tasting hundreds of samples that are deliciously good for you

Americans have become conditioned or trained to do over decades of giving in to less healthy eating habits. But the younger generation is more concerned now more than ever about what they are consuming.


Sample distributor models


Expo West Tradeshow


Expo West 2015 is the largest natural, organic, and healthy products industry show in the world, attracting over 60,000 industry professionals and 3,000-plus exhibits to the Anaheim Convention Center. Revealing the most current products and the newest trends influencing the natural, healthy products marketplace, thousands of retailers and manufacturers increase this $91 billion-plus market this March 6 through 8 in Anaheim, CA. There is no indication of this trend changing anytime soon.

Don’t eat before you come to this show. Exhibitors hand out product samples and demonstrate preparation techniques, tools, utensils, and supplies that reveal many appealing avenues to improve healthy-nourishment.

Feeling good about spending money

Some companies pour a lot of money into their booths. Educating the public about nutrition quality, the exhibit staffs need to be informed and prepared for questions.

More companies are placing the highest emphasis on personnel. People build relationships, and the personal communication with a knowledgeable (not to mention, beautiful) exhibitor will effortlessly be accepted by receptive visitors at Expo West.


Trade Show Cooking Sample Models


PPG hostesses and exhibit staff are informed, ready to answer questions as they greet attracted visitors and speak with them about their requirements and desires. They take names and information; making introductions to sales people who can then complete deals and place orders, saving hours of time. It all happens efficiently and naturally.

Knowledgeable booth staff models are ready to tell about the ingredients, and persuade people to taste samples (although this is not a difficult sell), explain the benefits and qualities of the products, and encourage more contribution from the visitors.

Expo West also showcases cosmetics, cleaning products, exercise products and instruction, and more, often using attractive and physically fit models in demonstrations. And to gather crowds and generate more interest are the crowd gatherers and street teams, costumed mascots, and others generating awareness and interest in specific products, handing out information, and providing more enjoyment while attendees taste, sample, walk, talk, drink, and walk and sample more.


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